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Harry Potter casts his spell over Rod Blagojevich

The Celebrity Apprentice this week was right up our street…literally. The contestants were involved in an interesting challenge that revolved around the Wizarding World of Harry Potter and they were charged with creating a 3 dimensional interactive display that children could relate to in order to attract families to Universal Orlando this Summer. By now, […]

Get Motivated

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Visiting Orlando this week was the Peter and Tamara Lowe event “Get Motivated“. For those that don’t know anything about it’s origins you’ll need a little background. For more than 25 years, corporate leaders, Fortune 500 companies, educators, business owners, sales people, medical professionals and a whole host more have been attending Peter & Tamara […]

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Trump bottles it…or does he?

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I don’t know about you but the latest series of the Celebrity Apprentice is starting to grate on me. This week’s episode saw the two teams tasked with selling wedding dresses and boy, did the girls whip the boys asses. And, I’m very glad they did. Brande Roderick was a great team leader on Celebrity […]

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Myrtle Beach… wise words from George Ross…and time to myself

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Time flies fast… this time last week I’d just arrived home from a business trip to Myrtle Beach. It was one of those trips I took alone and the 8 hr car journey from Orlando to Myrtle Beach soon passed as I caught up with some listening of cd’s I’d bought a few months back. Nigel […]

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