Team Goosen lead PNC Father Son Challenge at halfway stage

A round of 58 was enough to give two time US Open winner, South African Retief Goosen and his son, 16 years old Leo, the halfway lead at the 2019 PNC Father Son Challenge.

At -14, the Goosens hold a two shot lead over Team Langer and Team Duval, both past winners of the tournament.

“Leo has played well since he could walk. He’s come a real long was in the last six months, he’s gained twenty yards and he’s practicing harder,” said Retief. “Last night he said he would put a new putter in the bag and he made everything. Hopefully he will hang on to this one for more than a week. He played great. We made a bit of a mess of the second hole, I hit it in the hazard, he hit it in a bush and he managed to make a 40fter for par so that was a hole that really kept the momentum going, I know it was only number two but after that we played solid.”

It was also a remarkable day for 10 time major champion Anneka Sorenstam as she teamed up with her father to become the first female to tee off in the tournament.

“The first tee will stay in my memory,” said Sorenstam. “I was nervous for about three holes. I am so proud of my Dad. He stepped up when he needed to and our goal was -6 under, so we should be pleased with that.”

Play continues tomorrow and tickets are available, priced at $15 per day  by visiting

Final Round Groupings and Starting Times
Sunday, December 8, 2019

TEE #1
8:00 Team Nicklaus (West Palm Beach, FL) 67
Team Pate (Pensacola, FL) 69

8:12 Team Price (Hobe Sound, FL) 66
Team Sorenstam (Orlando, FL) 66

8:24 Team Player (South Africa) 65
Team Irwin (Scottsdale, AZ) 65

8:36 Team Watson (Kansas City, MO) 64
Team Janzen (Orlando, FL) 64

8:48 Team Daly (Dardanelle, AR) 64
Team Harrington (Dublin, Ireland) 64

9:00 Team O’Meara (Houston, TX) 63
Team Kite (Austin, TX) 63

9:12 Team Singh (Fiji Islands, Fiji) 63
Team Trevino (Dallas, TX) 63

9:24 Team Furyk (Ponte Vedra Beach, FL) 62
Team Clarke (The Abaco Club at Winding Bay, Bahamas) 63

9:36 Team Duval (Cherry Hills, CO) 60
Team Lehman (Scottsdale, AZ) 61

9:48 Team Goosen (Polokwayne, South Africa) 58
Team Langer (Munich, Germany) 60

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