The Fun Spot – Orlando & Kissimmee

On this blog I like to feature some of the things to do that you wouldn’t normally think about when you visit Orlando. Sure, everyone knows about the big theme parks at Disney, Universal and Sea World but what about the smaller guys?

Some of the smaller attractions can be a lot of fun and there’s plenty of them to try out and enjoy. One of the best or rather, I should say two of the best, are the Fun Spot attractions. The Fun Spot has two locations in Central Florida, one on International Drive and the other at Old Town. They are both unique and they both offer a lot of fun for all members of the family.

We’ll start by looking at the Fun Spot Orlando Action Park on I-Drive. It’s actually located at 5551 Del Verde Way, one block back from I-Drive just past Wet and Wild as you head towards Orlando Premium Outlets. It’s very easy to get to and you really can’t miss the giant 100 foot tall “Revolver” Ferris wheel…and if you go at night, it’s even easier to spot as it’s just been outfitted with $250,000 worth of LED lighting!

The Orlando location has 5 Go-Kart tracks in total; 3 multi level, 1 flat track and a cadet track for kids aged 4 through 7. The park also has 7 preschool kiddy rides as well as 5 high level thrill rides for all the family to enjoy. Inside the main building you’ll find ticketing and approximately 120 arcade games as well as a cafe where you can grab a burger and a cool drink.

The Go-Kart tracks are broken down by color. There’s a red, blue, yellow and green track and they are all a lot of fun to ride. THE TRASHER is the Racy Red Thrasher Track for single riders that is around 800 Feet in length and is a ground level sprint track; THE CONQUEST (Pictured above left) is the Blue “Florida Ski Jump” Track of approximately 1000 feet in length; THE QUAD HELIX (pictured above right) is the yellow track of 1600 feet in length and THE COMMANDER is the Green Track “Double Dip Bridge” of 600 feet. All kart tracks have height and age restrictions.

Among the thrill rides are the Bumper Boats, the Bumper Kars, Paratrooper, Scrambler and of course, the Revolver Ferris wheel. Kid Spot is the area for pre school children to hang out and have fun. There are seven rides here including Carousel, Kiddie Swings, Frog Hopper, Panda Ride, Super Trucks, the classic Tea Cup Ride and the Kiddie Train. Rounding things off is the Fun Slide, where up to three racers get to race each other down the bumpy slide.

The Fun Spot Kissimmee location is bigger than the International Drive Orlando location and is really best to visit at night time. There is a lot more atmosphere and also a lot more people having fun. The location has 4 major Go-Kart tracks, 11 exciting thrill rides, 8 pre-school rides and of course, that most famous attraction, the World’s tallest SkyCoaster!

All your favorite fun rides can be found in Kissimmee. There’s the breath-taking double wheel called Skywheel, the heart stopping Paratrooper, while you can flip yourself over on the Extraordinary Bike Ride. The Screamin Swing otherwise known as the Hot Seat is sure to get the adrenalin pumping while you’ll soon get used to the yells coming from Screamer. You can catch a wave of fun on Surf’s Up or zip around on Flying Bob’s Bobsleds. Bumper Kars are always possible and so is the classic Tilt A Whirl. For a great view of the park as you spin then the high flying Yo-Yo will fit the bill while speed and spins can be found on Cobra.

The Kid Spot has a great selection of classic pre-school rides to keep all youngsters happy and you’ll enjoy seeing their faces as they ride the classic Carousel, Cyber Jets and the Red Baron. Convoy, Castle Mania, the Kiddie Coaster and the Fun Slide all make for a great time…and don’t forget Bumper Kars for adults and kids to enjoy alike.

The Go-Kart tracks are always fun and you have four choices to test your driving skills. “Vortex” is the place to ride a unique, multi level concrete track with a heart pounding shear drop and a 32 degree banked bowl while over on “Chaos” you get to ride the chaotic labyrinth. The mind bending track leave you smiling from ear to ear!

The “Slick” and the “Road Course” complete the set. The road course is the super fast, hair pin curve flat concrete track while “Slick” will test your car handling skills to the full!

SKYCOASTER will let you feel all the thrills of skydiving and hang gliding in one action packed ride. Riding the World’s Tallest Skycoaster  is truly a unique thrill that you will remember for a lifetime.

Visitors are placed in special flight suits, and are fastened to steel cables that can hold up to 9,000 lbs each. Then you start the almost one minute ride to the top of the tower. Once you reach the height of 300 feet, you will hear the crew tell you 3,2,1 fly! You then pull your own ripcord, starting your plunge toward mother earth. You will free fall for 120 feet straight down, then the cables gently catch you and you start your swing out over the water, reaching speeds of 85 mph! At night, see the lights of Orlando, Disney, Universal and the whole Central Florida area, miles away.

There really is no place like the Fun Spot for the whole family to enjoy a few hours of fun. Make sure you go to both the Orlando or Kissimmee locations when you are next in town.

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