Three weak links …GONE

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This was the week that Trump finally fired Rodman
This was the week that Trump finally fired Rodman

It’s been a pretty good week for saying goodbye to people who have outstayed their purpose. First of all GM lost their chief executive Rick Wagoner, then we had Trump saying goodbye to Denis Rodman in the Celebrity Apprentice and last night it was the turn of Megan Joy to exit the stage on American Idol.


Megan Joy Corkrey fired on American Idol
Megan Joy Corkrey fired on American Idol

So who’s next? Now that the axe has been sharpened and America is getting impatient with below average performance, just who should be fired as we look to get the country back on it’s feet?


Americas Greatest Moron?
America’s Greatest Moron?

Let me start… first on my hit list would be the bosses at floundering giant AIG. So that means Edward Liddy, chairman, and his cronies would go after posting losses $61.7 billion for the fourth quarter last year. Some folks there still think they’re entitled to their bonuses…not to my way of thinking…fire their sorry asses and save us all some money.


Tim Geithner...number 2 on the Fireem list
Tim Geithner…number 2 on the “Fire’em” list

Next on my list is Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner…a bumbling load of incompetence if ever I saw it. This is the man who pretty much allows his mouth to run wild before engaging his brain. A sort of “yes” man who hopes that one day something he says will turn out to work.


Ecclestone ... a race too far?
Ecclestone … a race too far?

Away from financial matters my wrath now turns on Bernie Ecclestone and his madcap people who are ruining Formula One motor racing. OK, this isn’t something that greatly affects America but they race here and in my book, that makes it fair game. As if the end of last season’s meddling wasn’t bad enough, Ecclestone and his buffoons don’t seem capable of making their minds up as to what is happening on the racetrack and are messing not only with the spirit of the sport but also it’s integrity. This week they managed to take third place from Jarno Trulli and award it to 4th place Lewis Hamilton only to then reinstate Trulli and throw out Hamilton completely. Bewildering.


4th on my hit list are the people at the agencies advertising automobiles. Every damn one of them…gone…or at least in my world. You can read my blog from earlier this week for the reasons why if you click here.

The final choice of people to fire is the media. Let the cull begin…get rid of all those people who are responsible for keeping us under a cloud of “gloom and doom”. I know it’s what sells newspapers but it’s not constructive and its not helping anyone. I’m not saying that only good news be reported, far from it, but I’ve had enough of turning on TV or picking up a paper and all I get is bad news. OK, so people have to be conservative at the moment,  I get they need to make some sacrifices and I also get that it’s going to be a long time until the “feel good” factor comes back but I contend things ain’t as bad as the media is making out. Every where I go shopping malls are full, restaurants have waiting times and movie theaters are doing good business. This is a new kind of recession…one where people aren’t going to stop doing things they enjoy…sure they might not do them as often but they’re still gonna do them.

So, who would you fire and why? Feel free to reply…

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