Top Chef, the Today Show & Vacation Homes

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Don’t know about you but I’ve really enjoyed watching “Top Chef”. I’m not a cook…never have been and if you asked me why I watch a cooking program I can’t really tell you but this show has me captured and it’s one of the first things my DVR records every week.

I’ve watched most epsiodes of seasons 1-4 and all of them have been interesting in as much as how the food has been prepared and to the thinking process behind creating the dish. It’s an interesting mix of brain and brawn with a little food splashed in there somewhere.

There have been some weird characters in the program, some you love to hate and some you love to love but the program always hits the right buttons mainly because of the mix of the lovely Padma Lakshmi , the always right on the button with his remarks Tom Colicchio and the ever astute Gail Simmons to bring the show together.

Episode 4 this week sees the 14 remaining chef’testants vie for a chance to display their skills on the nation’s highest-rated morning program, Today. The winner of a super fast food demonstration challenge will get the booking, with the chance to display their unique culinary expertise on live network television. Celebrity Chef and author Rocco DiSpirito serves as guest judge and if ever you get a chance to see his trials and tribulations in the NBC reality tv show “The Restaurant” do so. The program was centered around the opening of his new restaurant “Rocco’s 22nd Street”. I’ll say no more.

Top Chef is a cooking program with a difference. It has all the right ingredients (if you’ll forgive the pun) but the most important one is that it gets you asking “can I do that?”. In my case the answer is definitely “No” but I do have a solution. You see, when you stay in a Florida Leisure Vacation Home you can get a personal chef to come to the home and cook for you while you continue to enjoy your vacation! And you can bet I absolutely use this service as well… there’s nothing better than lazing around the pool with a good book and a glass of wine while someone else cooks a mouth watering meal for you.

A Top Chef I’m not…. but I know where to find one! You might want to try one as well.

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