US Women’s National Team Back To Play in Florida

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The U.S. Women's National Team in Tampa (Photo: Nigel Worrall)

The U.S. Women’s National Team are back in Florida and today they will face France on June 14 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa. The game is part of a two match series against the French with the other game kicking off on June 19 at Rentschter Field in East Hartford, Connecticut.

The game will be the fourth time the National Team has played in Florida in the last fifteen months with the last game seeing a resounding 7-0 win over Russia at Boca Raton. 

Since then, some changes have occurred as Tom Semmani as been replaced by Jill Ellis who has taken over the Head Coach role. Ellis comes into the job with a 6-0-3 record after having served as interim head coach on two different occasions. The USA is 6-2-2 so far in 2014. Both the Tampa and Connecticut games will kick off at 7.30pm.

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