What did the butler see?

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Paul Burrell to appear at Diana inquest

Former Royal butler Paul Burrell will return to England from his Florida home over the weekend to appear in person at the inquest into the death of Princess Diana.

The servant once described by Diana as “my rock” will appear at the Royal Courts of Justice on Monday morning.

Friends say Burrell, 49, will walk into court with a ‘loaded gun’ full of revelations – but whether such startling claims hold true remains to be seen.

“Paul has things he wants to say and is looking forward to finally getting the opportunity to do so,” said one earlier today. “There are plenty of things that only he knows. I think he will be relieved to have his say and then move on with his life.”

Coroner Lord Justice Scott Baker has already told the jury Burrell had ‘unrivalled’ access to Diana and could shed light on a series of unanswered questions.

Burrell, who was accused of stealing $10 million worth of the Princess’s possessions after her death but then cleared in October 2002, promises to be a key and explosive witness.

He will be asked about the background to a letter in which Diana wrote that Prince Charles was planning to have her killed.

He will also face pressure to provide further details about his claim that the Queen once warned him about “dark forces” at work in the country.

It is thought Burrell will fly from his home near Orlando, Florida, leaving loyal wife Maria behind.

Burrell now has a Green Card, allowing him and his family to make America their permanent home.

The Burrells and their two sons, Alexander and Nicholas, have now all but left England behind as they settle down to their new life in the house Burrell proudly calls his ‘little palace in the sun’ – bought with the proceeds of his books of betrayal about his former boss.

Their quaint Georgian cottage in the Cheshire village of Farndon is lived in by relatives, while a manager oversees and runs their nearby flower and gift shop.

Although Burrell claims he left England to escape the public spotlight, the reality is that he sees America as the country in which he can best cash in on his 21 years in Royal service.

He already has millions in the bank from the proceeds of his books but is still desperately trying to peddle teapots, rugs and wines from his unashamedly named ‘Royal Butler Collection.’

His home in the city of Clermont has five large bedrooms, several bathrooms, and a state-of-the-art kitchen with marble worktops.

It stands in immaculate grounds surrounded by swaying palm trees on a smart new estate 45 minutes’ drive from Orlando’s theme parks.

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