Winter…Wish It Would End?

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It’s not much fun across the nation at the moment as February began with a huge blizzard across major Midwest cities. In Chicago, drivers spent the night stranded on major roads. Ice knocked out power from Missouri to Pennsylvania. Snowdrifts are so high in some places, you have to wonder how long it’ll take people to go out their front doors.

The bitter winter storm stretched 2,000 miles and has crippled swathes of the US and Canada with heavy snow, rain and high winds. More than 20in (51cm) of snow fell on Chicago, bringing the typically bustling city to a frozen halt. More than 6,300 US flights were canceled including 939 from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and 341 from New York’s LaGuardia. An estimated 375,000 customers up and down the US and into Canada were without electricity on Wednesday and the storm has turned roads into ribbons of ice, stretching the resources of emergency responders to rescue stranded motorists. In Missouri, the authorities closed the state’s entire 250-mile stretch of Interstate 70 between St Louis and Kansas City. In short, it makes for a whole lot of misery for an awful lot of people.

It sure makes us folks in Florida very grateful and while it’s nice to see the snow falling for a while, it really grows old real soon for most of us. So, why not take a trip to Florida and visit us? Here you’ll find the weather in the 70’s and it’s a really great time to visit the theme parks and take part in some of the other great things we have here. At this time of year there’s less folks in town and you’ll be sure to enjoy some great deals as well as escaping that nasty cold weather back home!

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