World Food Championships come to Celebration

World Food Championships 2015, Kissimmee, Florida (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

Approximately 1,100 cooks and chefs from 40 states and 18 countries are in Central Florida for the World Food Championships that started this morning and run through 10th November. The event also includes 13 challengers from Central Florida who have made their way to Celebration to compete in the fourth annual epic cook off.

The event includes multiple rounds in nine categories: dessert, barbecue, chili, sandwich, seafood, bacon, burger, pasta and recipe. The last category seeks the top preparation using fresh local ingredients.

More than $300,000 in cash and prizes is up for grabs while the championship prize purse alone is worth $100,000.

World Food Championships 2015, Kissimmee, Florida (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

Mike McCloud, (pictured above) President and CEO of World Food Championships, said “I’m a hometown boy and being here in Celebration reminds me of that and what better place to bring the World Food Championships than to Central Florida.” He also added that he hoped the event would see Kissimmee as being home to the event for the next five years.

To make the event a level playing field, contestants have won other culinary challenges before arriving in Florida. For example, winning one of hundreds of official qualifying events — such as Just A Pinch Recipe contests and Murphysboro, Ill., Barbecue Cook-off — can earn competitive chefs and cooks a spot. Also, every branch of the U.S. Military will be represented in the competition from the Pentagon, Army, Navy, Marines and the Coast Guard.

World Food Championships 2015, Kissimmee, Florida (Photographer: Nigel G Worrall)

It will take 400 judges and more than 270 volunteers to make this food fight a success. Emily Ellyn, (pictured above) Food Network star is one of the Final Table Judges and she said “It’s great that the event is here in Celebration. It’s going to be a lot of fun for the next few days as we get to see and taste some great food.”

Elimination rounds will take place in the 8,000-square-foot outdoor Kenmore Arena, the world’s largest outdoor cooking area, on Market Street, with more than $350,000 in cooking equipment in 50 complete kitchens that include Kenmore appliances. Up to 50 competitors will challenge in each category hoping to make it through the opening round to the final round.

The event promises to be fun, exciting and at times, a little chaotic. Everyone is welcome to attend although you might be advised to get there early as Celebration can be a little difficult in terms of car parking.

Details of each days activities can be seen at the World Food Championship web site…

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