American Idol Winner To Visit Disney World

One of the new traditions for American Idol winners is a visit to Walt Disney World and this years winner, Lee DeWyze,has already completed his first official duty in taping the “I’m going to Disney World” line for a national ad campaign. Film crews at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles captured DeWyze’s line just moments after he was announced as the winner, and the spots have started airing already.

Lee now joins David Cook and Kris Allen to become the third American Idol winner  to say it for prosperity. DeWyze’s ad features him singing “When You Wish Upon a Star” and features the exciting American Idol Experience attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park. DeWyze is scheduled to appear at Hollywood Studio’s on Monday May 31st and the event will be similar to the 2009 event.

Last year the day began with a celebrity motorcade down Hollywood Boulevard, winding up in front of the American Idol Experience, where Kris Allen answered some questions from his fans and then the newest American Idol performed a crowd favorite, “Heartless.” After that  it was on to a performance of the American Idol Experience, where he appeared on stage to give the contestants some advice before they performed. To round everything off  Kris then answered questions from the media in a press conference, held in the “Sounds Dangerous” theater at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

So, if you’re in town, why not pay a visit to Disney’s Hollywood Studio’s and see the 2010 American Idol winner?

One Response to American Idol Winner To Visit Disney World

  1. my kids love to go disneyworld, i think every kid would love to go there*;-

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