Fun Spot America Goes Pink

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To show its support for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Fun Spot Orlando, the expert on being “HUGE”, is turning the Sky Coaster Ride at its Orlando attraction pink for the month of October .

“We are known, for having more tracks, more rides and more fun year round” said John Arie Jr.  “Empowering, strengthening and supporting our communities is a core value and committed purpose at Fun Spot. With so many impacted in so many ways by breast cancer, we hope that our Initiative will help to raise awareness about the importance of early detection and encourage communities, organizations, families and individuals to be informed and engage the cure.”

For women in the U.S., breast cancer death rates are higher than those for any other cancer, trailing only lung cancer. Many factors can influence one’s breast cancer risk, and most women who develop breast cancer do not have any known risk factors or a family history of the disease. However, people can survive breast cancer when treated at an early stage. For this reason, Fun Spot  America proudly supports efforts to raise awareness about the importance of early detection.

Fun Spot’s customers will have the opportunity to join the company’s Be Pink efforts throughout the month of October with special offers to promote awareness and action against breast cancer.  On October 18th Fun Spot will offer a Be Pink flight pass for the iconic Sky Coaster at their Orlando location at a reduced rate of just $20, a fifty percent discount on the world’s largest 250’ arch.  A portion of the proceeds from the event along with a percentage of the sales of Pretty as Pink Cotton Candy sold during the month have been pledged to help support the breast cancer awareness campaign.

To discover more about Fun Spot’s efforts visit their web page at  For more information on breast cancer and to find a program near you that offers free or low-cost mammograms, visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s website at:


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