Magic Kingdom & Disney Parks Price Increase Announced

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The happiest place on earth just got more expensive. The Walt Disney Company just announced a price increase effective today that sees the one day ticket to Magic Kingdom increase by $4 to $99 before taxes for guests over the age of 9.  The one-day ticket price to the Magic Kingdom by $4 so that it now costs $99 before taxes for visitors over age 9.

It’s a sign of Disney’s ongoing confidence that visitors will still continue to flock its parks and will continue to fork out to experience the magic. Some folks are making out that the cost of the new high tech wristband based ticketing and ride reservation system, MyMagic+, which cost the company $1.5 Billion, is to blame. The wristbands collect more personal data from visitors and Disney hopes this will help them develop a more effective sales system that will customize a better experience for individuals and their families.

The price increase will also help offset the cost of it’s new Fantasyland expansion that started in 2012 and will continue through this Spring with the opening of the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.

Single day tickets for the resort’s other parks, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom also rise $4 and the new price for those parks will now be $94 for visitors over the age of 9.  The children’s rate is now $93 for Magic Kingdom and $88 for the other parks.

So, now we can expect Universal Orlando and SeaWorld Orlando prices to follow suit in their usual manner!


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