10 HOT Insider’s Tips to Orlando Theme Parks

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Theme park vacations can be lots of fun and there’s really only one place to go… the theme park capital of the world…. ORLANDO!

Of course, traipsing around a theme park all day can also be exhausting so it requires some careful planning if you are to get the most out of your day. Here’s our top 10 tips on how to enjoy yourself the most when visiting Orlando and the wonderful theme parks of Walt Disney World, Sea World and Universal Orlando:

1. Know What You Want To Do

Do you love roller coasters, thrill rides and being scared to death? What about “watery” experiences where you can cool off in the hot Summer heat? What about everyone else in your family? Are they the same or do they prefer a gentler pace? How about toddlers… do they want a prince or princess experience?

Knowing what interests you and your family will help you select the perfect theme park for your day out. Walt Disney World has four parks as well as two water parks that give a wide range of experiences. From the young at heart Magic Kingdom to the tranquility at Epcot, from the chance to live like a movie star at Hollywood Studios through to some great learning experiences at Animal Kingdom, Disney has something for everyone with lots of cool stuff for kids and some great shows to entertain folks of all ages. Universal Orlando is best known for its abundance of fabulous coasters and the Harry Potter experience while SeaWorld is the perfect park for the eco-minded and marine life lovers.

2. Buy Tickets in Advance

This sounds so obvious but getting to Orlando and then deciding what you want to do isn’t going to help you get the most out of your prized vacation. Purchase your tickets before you go from Florida Leisure and you’ll save paying top dollar at the gate.

3. Plan When To Go

A few days ago we blogged about the best time to visit the Orlando area and the theme parks. If you can visit off season and avoid holidays, weekends and school vacations, you’ll save $$$’s as well as enjoy easier access to rides where lines are much shorter.

4. Plan Your Trip

Planning your entire trip may not sound like much fun for the spontaneously minded but it’s essential if you want to do as much as possible. Sure, there’s no harm in planning a quiet day where you sit around the swimming pool but for days when you do decide you want to visit the theme parks, then planning ahead will save you lots of time. Not only do you want to plan your “action days” but you also want to plan your way around each theme park you’ll visit.

5. Get There Early

If you want to do as much as possible, you’ll need to plan on arriving just as the theme park opens. If you do the busiest rides first then you’ll enjoy your day all the more knowing that you won’t be facing huge queue and line times. If you’re a late riser, you’ll miss out as hitting the parks mid-morning or around midday is usually the busiest time of day.

6. Rent A Vacation Home

Hardly a surprise that we’d suggest this but renting a vacation home gives every member of the family their own space. When one family member wants to read, another might want to splash out in the private swimming pool or read a book. The best thing is that you can save loads of money and you’ll usually find a vacation home comes in cheaper than a hotel room! Of course, saving money on vacation is important and having the option to prepare your own meals rather than eating out in expensive restaurants is one way to do it!

Another great thing about vacation homes is their location. Florida Leisure’s are only 10 to 15 minutes from Walt Disney World and this means you can be back at your “home away from home” in no time…unlike some of those folks who stay on Disney property and end up waiting for up to an hour at a time to get from the theme park to their hotel room! One big advantage of a vacation home in the right area is the ability you have to visit a theme park in the morning, come home for a few hours to rest and refresh around your own swimming pool and then have the ability to go back to the theme park again later in the day. It gives everyone a break and you enjoy the theme park so much more.

7. Start At The Back

Most people naturally move left to right, clockwise or front to back. Try and go in the opposite direction and hit your favorite rides early. Remember also to take advantage of “fast” or “front of the line” passes as they enable you to move past any long lines at some of the attractions. Pick wisely though!

8. Get a Park Map

This tip really comes back to planning your trip early but if you can get a park map before you visit, you can plan exactly which way you want to navigate the park. A well thought out plan of attack will save you time and headaches.Don’t be one of those people who arrives at the park and then starts spreading the map out at their feet to plan their day!

9. Florida Leisure Concierge

Make sure that you utilize the services of the Florida Leisure concierge. Our staff is able to help you plan your day at the theme park or a day shopping or even a restaurant or sporting reservation. Utilizing the concierge will help you and it will feel like a friend of the family is gently guiding you along the way to the perfect vacation.

10. Stay Hydrated and Take Breaks

Don’t forget to drink lots of water during the day. Even the cooler months can leave you exhausted after wandering around an Orlando theme park. Make sure you plan break times and opportunities for some real rest. A show is very often a good way to escape the heat and sit back and recoup. We’ve all seen bad tempered, red faced and exhausted kids and parents at the theme parks so don’t become one of them. It ruins the day!

As stated before, feel free to escape the park for a few hours and return home to relax in the air conditioning and watch a movie. You can always return feeling refreshed ready to tackle another adventure later in the day.

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