$20 Million…what price a reputation?

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MANAGER Leonard Ellerbe has defended a decision to have his unbeaten boxer, Floyd Mayweather, take part in a professional wrestling program in Florida next month.

Mayweather, considered by some to be the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world, claims to have been offered $US20 million ($21.45 million) to take part in Wrestlemania XXIV on March 30 in Orlando, Florida.

The unbeaten World Boxing Council welterweight champ will battle 2.1 metre World Wrestling Entertainment star “Big Show”.

Mayweather will be conceding around 113kg to the wrestling giant but Ellerbe says the move is all about underlining Mayweather’s credentials as an entertainer rather than just a boxer, just as he did when the champion appeared on “Dancing With The Stars” in November.

“This is a tremendous, tremendous event, it’s entertainment,” said Ellerbe.

“Like anything, it’s also a business and it’s my responsibility to continue to expand his fanbase and take the Mayweather brand to another level.”

Mayweather’s manager insisted the diversion to the scripted-WWE event had nothing to do with helping to promote the boxer’s proposed rematch with Oscar De La Hoya this September.

Ellerbe dismissed the suggestion that Mayweather was risking an injury that could derail his plans for an even bigger payday.

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