2009 Superbowl…Oooze gonna save us?

In 2009, the road to NFL greatness leads to beautiful Tampa Bay and Super Bowl XLIII. Tampa Bay is an  exciting place with year-round sunshine, white, sandy beaches and thrilling attractions. Best of all, it’s just about an hour’s drive from Orlando and Central Florida and that makes it a great day out if you fancy a day at the beach rather than at the theme parks or lounging by the pool at your vacation home.

This years Superbowl is on 1st February and kick off is at approximately 6.30pm at the Raymond James Stadium, Tampa.

One of the things we enjoy most about the Superbowl is the advertising and this year it promises to be different. It seems that Dreamworks Animation and Pepsi’s SoBe beverages are teaming up with NBC and Intel Corp. to create a 3-D ad break set which will appear at the end of the second quarter.

Apparently the commerical will include a 60 second advert for SoBe Life Water that features the popular SoBe lizards, who appeared in 2008 game, and also a trailer for the upcoming Dreamworks movie “Monsters v Aliens’.  The ad will include a modern interpretation of Swan Lake, the famed ballet but will also feature the players and creatures in a rhytmic effect as they are infused by the refreshing SoBe Life water.

So this year will be different as previously advertisers have generally focussed on themselves and their product. This time round it looks like they are deciding to try to work together. Now there’s a novel idea!

Whether you’re a Giants, Bears, Patriots, Cowboys or another team’s fan, February 1st will be an exciting day. If you can make it to Florida we’d love to welcome you to one of our fabulous vacation homes  but if not, enjoy the game and the entertainment provided.

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