2011 US Flow Tour Comes to Fantasy Surf

The top flowboarders in the country will meet in Kissimmee on April 30, 2011, when the 2011 U.S. FLOW Tour comes to the new Fantasy Surf indoor water attraction just off Poinciana Blvd. Wave Loch, creator of the U.S. FLOW Tour and manufacturer of FlowRiders®, has selected Fantasy Surf to be the second stop of the four month long tour that is held at 16 venues across 13 states.

“Wave Loch has been closely involved with the construction and launch of Fantasy Surf. We’re impressed with the beautiful 14,000 square foot facility and the way the community has embraced the new venue,” said Rob Chalfant of Wave Loch.

“Hosting a FLOW Tour competition will not only put Fantasy Surf on the national map but it will provide an economic boost to surrounding businesses that will offer lodging, food, and other amenities to the tour audience,” said Chuck Richardson, director of sales and hospitality at Fantasy Surf.

Fantasy Surf features Wave Loch’s patented double FlowRider® system which uses high-pressure pumps to create as much as a 30 MPH three-inch sheet of water. The water from the 55,000 gallon tank flows up and over the shape of a faultless tension sheet wave simulating the feeling of surfing.

Riding the indoor attraction has the look of surfing and wakeboarding, ride of snowboarding, and tricks of skateboarding in a safe and controlled environment.

Fantasy Surf sponsors the expert men’s and expert women’s champions of the 2010 U.S. FLOW Tour: Sean Silveira and Amanda McCormick, both from the Orlando area. After winning the U.S. competition, Silveira and McCormick went on to capture their respective divisions in the World Flowboarding Championships in October in Singapore. Both Silveira and McCormick plan to compete in the 2011 tour and will train at Fantasy Surf.

A typical U.S. FLOW Tour event brings hundreds of participants, coordinators, sponsors and vendors to a venue so it looks like Kissimmee will be a busy place towards the end of next month.

For more information, visit www.ultimateindoorwave.com.

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