2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational Begins Today… Amid Some Controversy

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The 2012 Arnold Palmer Invitational begins today at Bay Hill and it seems that behind the golf there’s something of a storm in a tea cup brewing. Some of it’s down to a book and the rest is the apparent scolding that Arnold Palmer gave world number 1 & 2 Luke Donald and Rory Mcllroy for not being present for his tournament this year.

Frankly, I think both stories are being hyped by the media for no other reason than causing some controversy early in the 2012 golf season. First there’s Hank Haney’s book. Haney was Tiger Woods swing coach and it appears that he’s decided to reveal a little more than just his observations of how Woods swings a golf club. Apparently the latest revelations include some potentially damaging anecdotes of Woods watching porn while sharing a room with the devout Christian Zach Johnson as well as some trash-talking about Ian Poulter hitching a ride on his plane.

Investigating further, it would appear that the first incident was nothing more than a practical joke while the second just appears to be something blown out of all proportion as Poulter refused to comment on the story that he wasn’t particularly welcomed by Woods on a homeward flight once upon a time.

So then we move onto the media controversy that Arnold Palmer isn’t best pleased that Donald and Mcllroy aren’t playing in Orlando this week. Several newspapers talk of Arnold “chiding” and “scolding” Luke and Rory but nothing could be further from the truth. The simple fact is that both players couldn’t commit to play for various reasons and Arnold was simply disappointed they couldn’t be present. End of story. And… here’s the video of exactly what was said by Arnold about it… as well as some very valid comments about the use of the belly putter. And… that really should be the story and debate in the golf world… move on gentlemen!

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