4 Bed 3 Bath Orlando Vacation Home … The Pefect Place to Relax After a Run!

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Sometimes on this blog we actually get to talk about our main form of business… giving people great Florida vacations when they rent one of our Orlando Vacation Homes. It seems that the message is finally getting through to people looking to travel to Florida that they don’t need to stay in a 300 to 400 square foot hotel room when they travel and that there is a much better option.

Florida Leisure Vacation Homes has been in business for over 20 years now and over that time we have slowly managed to inform folks that they can actually get a much better vacation or holiday experience when visiting Orlando. A Florida Leisure vacation home has anywhere from three bedrooms to seven bedrooms, two, three, four or five bathrooms and it will always have a private swimming pool!

Just recently we added another home to our line up and that’s the subject of our blog today. The home is really nicely furnished and is the perfect place to stay when traveling to Orlando for leisure or even on business. The home has four bedrooms, one with King bed, another with Queen sized bed and two of the bedrooms have twin beds. The home will sleep eight people comfortably and the sleeper sofa can accommodate another two folks for a maximum occupancy of ten people.

The home is located just moments from Walt Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando and Universal Orlando on the highly desirable Cumbrian Lakes private gated community. It is a peaceful community and has a children’s playground, a small soccer field complete with goalposts and nets, a jogging and nature trail around one of its four lakes and it’s often the home to some of Florida’s most fabulous wildlife. Fishing is also allowed in all of the lakes.

The home is owned by a wonderful couple from England, Andrew and Fay Roe, who have owned the house since it was built in 2004. Just recently, 14th January,  Andrew competed in the 2014 Walt Disney World Half Marathon and he has kindly agreed to share his thoughts on the event and how he found competing in it:

It all started back in May when Fay asked me if I would like to run the race. In a heart beat I said of course! Many hours of training ensued to make sure I was ready. The time passed quickly, suddenly we were in Florida and just a couple of weeks from race day. I will admit I started to get anxious as had never run a race in my life. Also the thought of getting up at 2.30am did not excite me greatly!!!!

I did 3 training runs in before the race 10, 6 and 3….. And felt really good. It was then just 4 days before the race I got a cold which turned into a bad chest cough, just 24 hours before I was doubting whether I would be strong enough to do it. I had come so far….. so really failiure was not an option. 

It was race morning up at 2.30am, left the house at 3.05am and arrived at Epcot at 3.40am, the nerves had turned into excitement…..I was ready……although not as fit as I had hoped for. Fay headed off to the Magic Kingdom to see me run through Cinderella’s Castle at mile 5.7.

I headed off to do what runners do before a race….not sure what that really is as I had never done one before!!! The time passed and it was 4.45amand was instructed to head for my starting corral “O” It was at this point when I was in position that I suddenly realised the enormity of the task in front of me……there were some 18500 people in front of me and about 1700 behind me. 

The starters gun went off at 5.35am and all the fireworks and Disney excitement that goes with their events. I did not get to the start line until I was off the race of my life had started, however this was no training run, there were people in the way and lots of them, I was dodging and weaving. This was tiring and time consuming, but hang on a minute this is the Disney Half Marathon I am going to enjoy the next few hours and have fun!!!

5 miles had passed and I was here and running up Main Street in Magic Kingdom, something I had visualised in my training, I was overcome with emotion (so much so I nearly lost a contact lens!!). We ran through Tomorrowland and into Fantasyland I was running through Cinderella’s Castle, it felt like a dream…..then I saw Fay (she had been waiting for me for several hours) it gave me such a lift. Hey only 7.4 miles to go!!

The next few miles felt good having seen Fay but then my chest tightened and mile 8 to 11 were really tough, I had to draw on all my inner strength and was so glad I had done those hundreds of miles in training. I saw mile marker 12 and Epcot and the finish were in sight, but hang on where was my final spurt of energy that was always there in training….it had deserted me. So on I pushed drawing inspiration from the crowds, nearly there mile marker 13 and Epcots Spaceship Earth was before me. 

I found some energy from somewhere and pushed to the finish spotting Fay in the final straight. A high five with Minnie Mouse at the finish line was a fitting way to end the race. An experience that will live with me forever and even now typing this it brings back amazing memories.

It was tough, tougher than I ever imagined but worth every minute. My final race time, not what I had hoped for but in the circumstances better than I could have ever imagined, bearing in mind a few days before even running the race had become doubtful.

I completed the race in 2 hours 43 minutes. I came in 9213th place out of 20242 finishers. A great result…….did I hear someone say Full Marathon, let us wait and see!!!

Our congratulations go out to Andrew! A great achievement and even nicer for him was the fact he could return back to his own home and relax and recuperate in his own swimming pool!

You can find out more about renting Andrew and Fay’s vacation home at www.FloridaLeisureVacationHomes.com or by watching this short video:

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