46th Annual Florida Governor’s Conference on Tourism

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The 46th Annual Florida Governor’s Conference on Tourism began in Orlando yesterday. The conference is a chance for leaders in the Florida tourism industry to get together and learn about the year past and the future to come. It’s also a chance for the industry to congratulate itself on a steady upward growth trend at a time when economic pressures are being felt all over the world.

Today, a record 1.1 million people are employed in the tourism industry. Further, Florida is the top vacation destination for domestic visitors, families, beach-goers, Baby Boomers, Millennials and African American leisure travelers. A seven per cent growth over the last year now sees $72 Billion being spent by visitors to the Sunshine State.

Florida Governor Rick Scott made the Opening Address at the Chairman’s Dinner last night and he paid tribute to the industry and to the work of Visit Florida who have ensured that Florida remains a top destination for visitors with their marketing and public relations efforts. Governor Scott also said he liked goals and that just a few years ago some 82 million people visited the State and he was now hoping to see 100 million plus tourists next year. The Governor stated that the tourist industry has helped turn the economy around and created a lot of jobs.

Importantly he said that when he walked into the job there was a $4 Billion budget deficit but because of the efforts of the tourism industry there is now a $1.5 Billion surplus. He added that teachers have also benefited because there has now been a teacher pay raise across the State and that people with disabilities have also seen an increase for the first time in eight years.

“Everything you have done has had a dramatic impact on families” said Scott “and I just want to “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart and when I finish this job, I think I want to get into tourism because you have so much energy.”

The conference continues thru Friday.

More photos at www.FloridaLeisurePhotography.com

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