5 Must Watch Winter Olympic Events

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The opening ceremony on Friday was enjoyable but we’re now into the competition and there are some “must watch” events coming up in the next few days.

On February 17 and 18 you can get a double dose of snowboarding. The men’s halfpipe takes center stage on Feb 17 and the woman’s event takes place the next day.

On February 21st get ready for the US hockey team takes on the games host country, the traditionally tough Canada. Much of the NHL’s top talent comes from north of the US border so you expect a lot of pride to come into this one as the US men try to seal a victory.

The women’s figure skating always seems to dominate the Olympics and this year should be no exception as the short program is set for February 23rd with the free skating taking place on 25th.

Before all that though make sure you catch the Alpine skiing on Feb 16. For me, who has no clue how to ski, I find it fascinating how they maneuver down the  mountain so quickly. It’s an event made for TV.

Perhaps the most amazing event is the biathlon.  The men’s 10km sprint is on Valentine’s Day while the 12.5km event is on Feb 16 and then on Feb 18 you get chance to catch up with the 20km. These guys are amazing athletes as they need to be great cross country skiers as well as being steady enough to hit a target.


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