6 Bedrooms 4.5 Bathrooms Private Swimming Pool – The Only Way To Stay in Orlando

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Florida Leisure Vacation HomeFlorida Leisure Vacation Home

I had to smile yesterday when I was reading some Facebook posts about the experiences some guests were having at Walt Disney World Resort. I’m not one to knock one of the most successful company’s on the planet but when I see guests complaining of over an hours wait to get to a park from a Disney hotel then I know Walt wouldn’t be very happy with that! Walt Disney was a true visionary and a man who put the guest experience above everything else and I’m sure he’d have plenty to say about seeing lines of people standing around doing nothing at one of his hotels.

So why did I allow myself a small smile at hearing this? Well, the answer is fairly simple. Some guests have worked out that if they stay in a vacation home their experience will be better than anything a hotel can deliver. OK, sure most guests need a rental car when staying at one of our vacation rentals but if you consider waiting over an hour to move from a hotel to a theme park using Disney transport against driving for 15 minutes (or less!) from a vacation home to the same theme park, then we all know which experience is more preferable.

If you then consider most hotel rooms are small and cramped with just one bathroom and noisy corridors from other guests then all of a sudden a vacation home is looking like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Add in expensive hotel meals or theme park restaurants and all of a sudden, your vacation experience is now turning expensive.

Florida Leisure Vacation HomeFlorida Leisure Vacation Home

A vacation home can solve all these problems and more! For a start you can save a whole heap of money by shopping as you would at home for groceries, You can buy exactly what your family enjoys at home and cook and eat poolside at the vacation home. And there’s another key factor… want something to eat or drink poolside at a hotel and chances are you have a long walk in front of you to pay the highest retail prices possible. Not so at a vacation home… simply walk a few paces to your own fully equipped kitchen, put your hand in the fridge and pull out that thirst quenching drink you so desired.

Florida Leisure Vacation HomeFlorida Leisure Vacation Home

Vacation homes also save $$$’s on the cost per guest accommodation. Normally a hotel bedroom will sleep up to four people. If there are four adults in your party, generally that means you need two hotel rooms. A vacation rental can sleep anywhere from one person up to sixteen people all with seperate bedrooms! That means the cost savings are enormous compared to a hotel.

And just to give you more of an idea, here’s one of our six bedroom vacation homes that we just recently updated the photos and video on… it truly shows the vacation home experience at its finest. From the games room to the swimming pool, there’s simply no better way to stay… why not give it a go this Christmas or New Year?

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