AARP Orlando Vacation Home Marketing Campaign Launched

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Very pleased to announce that something I’ve been working on all year has finally come to fruition… our AARP marketing campaign to attract guests to stay in Orlando Vacation Homes.

The project has been a time consuming one as first we had to convince Experience Kissimmee CVB that our market was worthy of investment. Despite being the largest contributor of tourist development tax in Osceola County, we still had something of an uphill battle to get some funds allocated towards the vacation rental industry for the first time.

Once we had agreement, we then had to organize a photo shoot, do the copy, design the layout and then put in all the call to action devices that were needed to be able to carefully analyse the impact of the campaign. It’s been a complicated beast but now it’s done and AARP readers up and down the Eastern side of the United States are now seeing the fruits of our labor as well as coming to realize there is another option to staying in a hotel when visiting the Central Florida area.

We are extremely grateful to Experience Kissimmee, Walt Disney World and to all the other people who have helped us bring this forward. In essence, the advertisement itself looks simple enough but you can only imagine the fun we have had in getting to a common consent!

In the end, we decided to run two formats of the advertisement on page 11 of the August / September 2013 AARP magazine to see which gets the better response. Which do you prefer… the orange background or the white background? Please let us know in the comments box below as this will help us for the future!

The advert will now run in the August / September and October / November editions of AARP magazine and we’re already talking about extending that run into 2014. It’s exciting because national advertising of this nature is something that we have strived for for a long time.

And now, I can finally have a relaxing weekend!

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