Arabian Nights Celebrates 25 Years!

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One of the areas leading themed dinner shows celebrates 25 years in business this year and in a place where so many dinner shows have opened and closed before, that’s no mean achievement.

Arabian Nights, one of Central Florida’s original shows, retains its popularity for two simple reasons. It offers a great experience with good food. It’s a recipe that many have tried and mostly failed at over the years. In fact, since Arabian Nights opened some 32 other dinner shows have come and gone while Arabian Nights has now staged more than 10,000 shows for more than 10 million people since its inaugural performance. Quite amazing!

The dinner show features Arabian horses as well as other breeds and is celebrating its silver anniversary with a new show and a menu that has changed a lot from opening day. Mark Miller, the owner of Arabian Nights, co-wrote the newest version of the attraction’s dinner show and it essentially sticks to the tried and tested formula of acrobats, an Arabian theme, good food and horses. Lots of horses!

Horses always have been part of Miller’s life and his mother, Bazy Tankersley, who was a famous horsewoman in her own right, was riding horses with baby Mark still on board during her pregnancy. Having been around horses since birth, Miller grew tired of the typical horse show and dreamed of doing something different. The family had always attended horse shows to exhibit their herd of Arabian horses so it made perfect sense to look to other ventures that might tell the story of the Arabian horse. Arabian Nights was born.

The story is inspired by the real history of the Al-Marah Arabian herd. A herd that has been together since 1815 when it was first gathered from the desert.

“We have used a great romantic adventure complete with intrigue, magic and love to introduce our guests to horses and riders from around the world,” Miller said.

The show lasts approximately 90-minute and features an array of horses and horsemanship. It also highlights Western, Latin and English riding plus circus acrobats and while you are enjoying the spectacle before your eyes, you can also enjoy an extensive menu that includes prime rib, chicken cordon bleu, chicken Alfredo, chicken marinara, pot roast, pulled pork and adult chicken tenders. Dinner also includes potato (baked or mashed) and vegetable side dish as well as choice of dessert and unlimited Pepsi products.

A separate children’s menu features kid favorites such as chicken tenders, grilled cheese, mini corn dogs and a personal pizza. Special dietary needs are also catered for and kosher, vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free meals are also offered. A drink package is available and for just $10 you can get unlimited wine and beer.

An upgraded dining experience is also available and includes the VIP Experience, The Royal Table, Drink Packages and Sultan Seating.

The general admission ticket is $66.99 per guest, tax included.



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