Arabian Nights Christmas Show

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Last night we paid a visit to the Arabian Nights Christmas Show to check out how things were going ahead of the planned final closing day of 31st December. Unfortunately, if you haven’t heard, Arabian Nights is to close for good at the end of the month after a run of 25 years in the Kissimmee area. It will be a sad day.

The show started on 29 February 1988 and since then, more than 10,000 shows have been performed for more than 10 million guests.

Arabian Nights ran two shows last night but we took in the earlier 6pm show rather than the later 8.30pm performance. The show lasts around 80 minutes and is a very entertaining tale of intrigue, magic and love. The 1200 seater arena was pretty much full as the “Scheherazade’s Gift” Christmas holiday story was told. The show is the story of Prince Kahlid who is called away from his new wife, Princess Scheherazade. Sad and worried that she’ll spend Christmas alone, Scheherazade receives an unexpected visitor … enter Santa Claus!

Using his Christmas magic, Santa helps Scheherazade to keep up the holiday cheer. Together, they make the season jolly, conjuring up glamorous sugarplum fairies, mischievous elves,dancing gingerbread men, and riders in a winter wonderland. Meanwhile, Prince Khalid must ride through a blizzard sent by Jack Frost, braving the wind and snow to return to his true love by Christmas Day.

It’s a charming show and the stars of the show are naturally the incredible Arabian horses. It’s a chance to see the grace of the Black Stallion and admire the mystical Unicorns. The show also features some incredible acrobatics and the elegance of the Spanish tradition of the Garrocha.

The dining side of things offers a choice of meals with regular, premium and kosher choice menus all available. You also get unlimited Pepsi products during the show while the basic drink package at additional cost includes Bud light or California blush wine. There is also a full Liquor bar available.

Various ticket packages are available from the regular dinner show, to the VIP Experience, The Royal Table and Sultan Seating… but act quick as you have very limited opportunities to see the show as the final days are drawing nearer. The show is open every night until 31st December and you can see all the available show times at website.

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Here’s some video…

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