Back to Mother Nature…Kayaking in Florida

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Last week had so much going on with the christening of the Disney Dream and the other announcements from Disney about Fantasyland and “The Magic, Memories & You”,  that it was nice to get back to Mother Nature over the weekend as we sent out some of our folks to kayak around Merritt Island.

Central Florida is great for its fabulous theme parks, but there is another way to enjoy the outdoors and that is by exploring the rivers, springs, islands, beaches, lakes, swamps and marshes that are found throughout the area.

Here it’s possible to paddle with Dolphin, Manatee, Otters, and yes, Alligators (but don’t worry, you aren’t usually on their menu!). You may also spot such magnificent birds as the southern Bald Eagle, White Pelicans, Red Headed Woodpeckers, and Great Blue Heron.

Florida Kayaking Tours

* Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge home to the largest number of endangered plant and bird species of all US refuges.
* Indian River and Mosquito Lagoon paddle through this estuary island hoping where at least seven distinct Indian cultures, Spanish explorers, and civil war troops have occupied as early as 7000 BC.
* Canaveral National Seashore recognized as one of our country’s most beautiful beaches.
* Econlockhatchee/St. John’s Rivers snake along these windy rivers in the Florida back country gliding through hardwood and cypress forests.

Take a look at this video that our folks captured over the weekend and see what’s really happening around you:

Special thanks to Nigel Cousins for the fantastic video footage.

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