Bands, Brew & BBQ … and Scotty McCreery at SeaWorld Orlando

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Four smokin’ hot fun weekends of Bands, Brew & BBQ at SeaWorld Orlando came to a close yesterday afternoon as American Idol winner Scotty McCreery took the stage to entertain a bumper crowd.

Bands, Brew and BBQ really is establishing itself as the must go to event at this time of year as SeaWorld puts on a fabulous afternoon of slow paced entertainment to relax and enjoy. Dozens of craft and international beers were on hand as well as the chance to fire up the taste buds with BBQ style food from several favorite local restaurants.

The event ran in parallel with Busch Gardens Tampa who enjoyed sizzling live performances from award-winning country and classic rock artists like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bret Michaels (above right), 38 Special and REO Speedwagon, while here in Orlando we got to enjoy the likes of Foreigner, Trace Adkins, Kenny Rogers, Doobie Brothers, Gary Allan, Sara Evans and Ronnie Dunn.

Make sure you plan a trip to Orlando for next years event…it promises to bigger and better! And, the entertainment is included in a normal day’s admission to the park… you can’t beat that!

More photos from Scotty McCreery in concert and Bands, Brew & BBQ  here


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