Book A Florida Leisure Vacation Home Now & We’ll Pay For You To Go To Legoland Florida!

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This week we’ve been talking a lot about Legoland Florida and naturally, when you’re visiting Central Florida to visit our newest theme park you’re going to want somewhere great to stay. That’s where we fit in. Florida Leisure Vacation Homes has approximately 50 boutique style vacation rental homes available and they can house up to 16 people, depending on the size of the home.

Vacation rental homes are a great way to stay and they really are a “home away from home” when you travel.  Hotels have many disadvantages and that’s where a vacation rental can really score. For example, you can save a lot of money if you have a large party size or many family members traveling with you, as it is virtually always cheaper to rent a vacation home. A home can sleep upto 16 people under one roof whereas if you stay in a hotel you’d need to rent several rooms and that can get real expensive real soon!

The next big advantage of a vacation home is the kitchen area. You can save $$$’s by cooking and eating at home whereas restaurant bills in hotels can mount up to hundreds of dollars for even a few days stay. It just makes sense to do what you normally do at home and that means buying the food you like at a local grocery store and taking it back to the kitchen at your vacation home. And there’s another big advantage…. when you choose to eat out, you have to eat when the restaurant is open and according to their menu. A vacation home saves you all that trouble… eat what you want, when you want.

So what about when you’ve finished at the theme park? What entertainment options do you have then? Well, in a hotel you have a single room and a single television set. That’s where the arguments can start as you battle family members for the remote control! In a Florida Leisure vacation rental you have several television sets throughout the house. No more arguments. Everyone can watch what they want, when they want. No more having to keep the volume turned down while others sleep… all of a sudden life becomes easier and you can all enjoy the vacation you dreamed of.

What other options are there? Well, most hotels in Orlando have a swimming pool but, unfortunately, you usually have to share it with other people. In a vacation home it’s just you and your loved ones… no more wondering what other people are doing and you can relax and have fun in a nice safe environment.

Also, most vacation homes have a games room with some combination of fussball, pool, table tennis or other great games to play. Most homes also come equipped with board games and a small library so you can choose to play or simply relax.

Overall, vacation homes are the best way to stay and the guests who have stayed in our homes always tell us that they’ll never stay in a hotel again… that’s why we say “Friends Don’t Let Friends…. Stay in Hotels!”

So, are you now dreaming of visiting Orlando again? Do you want to see our newest theme park…Legoland Florida?

Well, we bet you do and that’s why, in this economy, we’re making you an offer you can’t refuse. It’s this simple; make a reservation to stay with us between now and 17th December 2011 and we’ll pay for 2 Adult tickets and 2 Children’s tickets to visit Legoland Florida! Now that’s a great deal… and we’re making it because we believe everyone just has to see the latest addition to the theme park capital of the world.

Some photos of Legoland Florida can be seen here… … and here’s the good news, enter the sweepstakes on our Facebook page and you have double the chance to win. Not only will booking a vacation home get you 4 tickets to Legoland but if you win in our sweepstakes, you’ll get another two tickets for Legoland… so now you can treat your friends or other family members as well! (Tip: make sure you get your friends and family to also enter the Sweepstakes at

And just to give you a sneak peak…here’s a video featuring one of our 6 bedroom vacation homes…just 30 minutes drive from Legoland Florida…

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Don’t forget, you can see Legoland Florida video previews all week as the countdown to the official opening day on Saturday gets closer at our web site. Here’s just one of our videos…

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