Bucking The Trend…Florida Leisure is full for Christmas… No Room At The Inn!

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That’s right, “no room at the Inn” at Florida Leisure Vacation Homes this Christmas…we’re full and we’re turning people away.

Apparently the economy is in a bad way and people are cutting back. Either we’re bucking the trend or what we are seeing is indeed normal. It can’t be both.

It’s my contention that this is normal. People who have worked hard all year deserve their vacation with their families this Christmas and they are going to take it. Yes, they’ll delay buying some luxuries like a new car or a new watch but not a vacation. A vacation is a time to relax, to chill out and particularly at this time of year, a chance to spend some time with family.

It’s nice to know that when times get tough that people still want to be with each other. That’s the spirit of the holiday season and long may it continue.

2 Responses to Bucking The Trend…Florida Leisure is full for Christmas… No Room At The Inn!

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  2. Everyone needs a vacation. My Family is coming over in December. We rented a vacation home. Will need a vacation from the vacation…


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