California trip…part 2

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Well last night I covered part of what I got upto on my first two days in California so this is my update on the crazy long weekend.

After leaving Solvang I made the small journey to Santa Barbara itself. Santa Barbara is sometimes known as the “American Riviera” and is a popular tourist and resort destination. Hotel prices here can be steep and I found myself staying one block from the beach at a quaint little hotel that you’ll be able to see more of when I get my video posted to  as I continue to carry out my research of hotels throughout the USA.

I enjoyed the day I had in Santa Barbara and it was refreshing to take in the sea breeze and wonderful weather that we were blessed with that day. I also enjoyed a nice evening meal at the Fish House restaurant although it was still rather strange eating out on my own. The worst part was that I had taken a book with me but the restaurant was dimly lit and reading was all but impossible.

So, my exploration of Santa Barbara county was at an end and I made a fairly early start back to Hollywood the following morning. It was time to check in at the Hotel Roosevelt. Now this is a hotel steeped in history. It first opened it’s doors on 15 May 1927 and cost $2.5 million to build. The very first academy awards were held there in 1929 and tickets cost $5 as fewer than 250 people attended to see Emil Jannings pick up best actor, Janet Gaynor best actress and Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans best picture.


The hotel has had many famous guests and past residents stay there and it is alleged that both Marilyn Monroe and Montgomery Clift still haunt the place…not that I saw either of them even though the hotel is kept very dark!

After checking in I had some time available before the private party that was being organised for the people attending the America’s Premier Expert’s event so I had a walk around Hollywood and took in Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, Hollywood Blvd (which was still being cleaned up after the Oscars), Kodak Theater and the mall that everything seems to revolve around.

After that, it was back to the Roosevelt for a shower and a change and where the fun and games were to begin…more on that later.

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