Call it Football or Soccer the Passion is the Same

Would you believe that as a British ex-Pat I can see more live soccer/football on TV here than I can in the UK, not to mention every other match on taped delay, with regular updates througout the week.  In fact we have two channels here devoted totally to football … Fox Soccer Channel and GolTV.  Then factor in all the pubs and bars that show Premium channels like the Rangers and Celtic games.

That’s right Rangers and Celtic supporters get to watch EVERY game that their team is in LIVE … you can’t even do that in Scotland.  The whole USA is swamped with Supporters Clubs for both as each team draws passionate support from it’s cultural transplants.

Orlando has a thriving Rangers Supporters Club with branches in Kissimmee and Orlando, here this their latest promotional video.
Blue Sea of Ibrox

Florida Leisure has a list of pubs and establishments available for our guests on where they can watch their favorite team … in fact we have welcomed guests struggling to see the game into our own homes … we love football that much.

As this season ends, don’t let next season prevent you from taking a well deserved vacation over here … you’ll get to see so much football on TV, you’re friends will never know you left.

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