Can Banks Get Any More Ridiculous … Or Desperate?

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I just read this article and realized that banks are stupid.  What is more worrying is that the authorities allowed this to happen … old boy’s network or sheer incompetence?

A Kissimmee homeowner was in England when he learned a Florida bank had mistakenly started foreclosure proceedings on his house.

As it turns out, Denroy Bell didn’t even have a mortgage with the bank, Citi-Residential. The bank admitted that it’s dealing with so many foreclosures in Central Florida that it made a mistake.

Bell’s neighbor called him when she saw the locks being changed and the pool empty.

“It was like the army came up and took over the house,” Esther Goshop, a neighbor, said.

Bell lives primarily in London and rents out his home when he’s not in Florida. He said the bank apologized for the inconvenience.

Bell wants the company to pay to clean up the pool and change the locks back.

I would want a lot more than that … I would also want to charge the bank and it’s agents with tresspassing, breaking and entering, vandalism and defamation of character.

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