Cars 2 Roll Into Downtown Disney

If you love all things automotive, then Downtown Disney is where you need to be today, tomorrow, and Sunday. Sixty classic cars have lined up along the Downtown Disney promenade for Disney’s Car Masters Weekend,but as with most things that Disney does, don’t expect this to be just an ordinary car show. This time some very classic cars are going to meet their match as 4 time Piston Cup champion, Lightning McQueen, Mater and their new friend, Finn McMissile, roll into the weekend to celebrate the release of Disney Pixar’s “Cars 2”.

In celebration of Pixar’s 25th anniversary, the muscle cars will also be joined by the largest life-sized, radio controlled car replicas ever built – giving fans the chance to hang out with their favorite “car-acters.”The three day event begins today and runs through Sunday May 15th. The fun begins each day at 10:30am and will last until 6pm and your young ones will enjoy the “Race Into Reading” read and play log (pictured below) they’ll be given as they leave the “Cars 2” area.

In addition to meeting your “Cars” favorites, NASCAR fans are able to take a look at Richard Petty’s race car, which is on display inside Ridemakerz and it’s also the location where you can “test-drive” some of the new “Cars 2” Ridemakerz models.

Also featuring will be a variety of different activities throughout the weekend including games and giveaways as well as a  video kiosk. There’s also a sweepstakes as “Agents on a Mission” will give away some 18,000 prizes including a brand new car.

Taking place on Saturday and Sunday is the Classic Car show, which will be judged by Pixar Animation Studios’ “Cars” franchise guardian and resident car expert, Jay Ward.

Also, the 2006 Disney-Pixar “Cars” film returns to the big screen for a limited time at AMC Pleasure Island 24 Theatres throughout the weekend. Moviegoers can even catch a glimpse of the new movie trailer from “Cars 2,” which then comes to a theater near you on June 24th.

It promises to be a fun filled weekend so if you’re in Orlando why not pay a visit? If you can’t make it, then don’t worry as we have made a short video for you and we have plenty of pictures on our page.

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