Celebrity Apprentice is Back

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Apparently America isn’t yet tired of the Celebrity Apprentice and a new season started last night. Don’t know about you but I’m getting a little tired of the same old format and what I want to see is something new, something different… such as these people helping small business owners instead of the corporate vulchars paying the big bucks to get closer to The Donald and get their five minutes of air time.

After all,  it’s small business that is going to help rebuild America so why not take the show to the grassroots and see how we can help real people in real businesses?

This seasons athletes, musicians, comedians, and TV personalities will compete to raise money for their favorite causes, and the last man (or woman) standing will receive a $250,000 bonus donation for their charity of choice.

Here’s the line up:

Maria Kanellis

Occupation/Background: Former WWE Diva, singer, and model
Age: 28
Charity: Make a Wish Foundation


Occupation/Background: Comedian
Age: 53
Charity: Omega Boys Club / Street Soldier

Bill Goldberg

Occupation/Background: Actor and former professional wrestler
Age: 43
Charity: Specchio Family Foundation in support of “Sons of the Fallen”

Bret Michaels

Occupation/Background: Actor and former professional wrestler
Age: 43
Charity: Specchio Family Foundation in support of “Sons of the Fallen”

Summer Sanders

Occupation/Background: TV host and former swimmer
Age: 37
Charity: Right to Play

Curtis Stone

Occupation/Background: Chef
Age: 34
Charity: Feeding America

Carol Leifer

Occupation/Background: Comedian and TV writer
Age: 53
Charity: North Shore Animal League America

Holly Robinson Peete

Occupation/Background: Actress
Age: 45
Charity: HollyRod Foundation

Michael Johnson

Occupation/Background: Former sprinter
Age: 42
Charity: Laureus Sport for Good Foundation

Rod Blagojevich

Occupation/Background: Former Governor of Illinois
Age: 53
Charity: Children’s Cancer Center

Darryl Strawberry

Occupation/Background: Former baseball player
Age: 47
Charity: The Darryl Strawberry Foundation

Sharon Osbourne

Occupation/Background: America’s Got Talent and former The X Factor Judge
Age: 57
Charity: Cedars-Sinai in support of Sharon Osbourne Colon Cancer Program

Cyndi Lauper

Occupation/Background: Singer and actress
Age: 56
Charity: Stonewall Community Foundation for True Colors

Selita Ebanks

Occupation/Background: Model
Age: 27
Charity: Shine on Sierra Leone

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