Christmas at SeaWorld

One of the perks of the job is that sometimes we get to visit the theme parks for “research” purposes and that’s what the Florida Leisure family did last night as we headed to Sea World to see their Christmas Celebration. I’ve previously blogged about the wonderful events being hosted just down the road from our office but hadn’t been able to get along and experience them first hand.

That changed last night and I finally got to go and see some of the magic that the Sea World folks have put on for this holiday season. It was a very enjoyable evening and our plans to stay for three hours were blown apart as we stayed some while longer and didn’t get home until late! The reason was clear… there really is a lot to see and do in the SeaWorld Christmas Celebration!

We started the evening by wandering through the fabulously decorated entrance to the Waterfront. It’s here you first notice the “Sea of Trees” and it really is an amazing spectacle as the trees seem to dance in tune to the music.  We then took a quick trip on board the Sea World Sky Tower and watched the trees glisten and sparkle in the lake below. Fabulous!

From there it was over to the Winter Wonderland on Ice taking in the Shark Encounter and the Dolphin nursery on the way. The Winter Wonderland on Ice is literally where Christmas comes to life on a stage of ice as skaters dazzle and delight in what is a show stopping ice skating extravaganza.

After that it was time for the Shamu Christmas show – Miracles and this is where you can really let the holiday spirit splash over you as the killer whales soar and the holiday music keeps in beat. Really a wonderful show to experience and a MUST DO if you are visiting Orlando over the holiday period.

Other treats as you wander around the park are the Polar Express Experience – Wild Artic, a Sesame Street Christmas, Clyde & Seamore’s Countdown to Christmas, a Sesame Street Christmas and the Christmas Market, where you can simply wander among some of the shops and entertain yourself by playing some of the games of skill or by simply looking at some of the neat things Sea World have laid out. There’s also some seasonal food at the market and you can find hot cinnamon rolls, Dippin’ Chocolate, cinnamon roasted nuts, Gingerbread cookies, Kettle corn and cocoa, toddies, cookies and a whole lot more!

Sea World’s a lot of fun this Christmas…make sure you get along and experience it yourself! Here’s some video showing the fun we had…

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