City of Orlando Votes “Yes” to Putting Orlando on the Sporting and Cultural Map

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Fans of Orlando City Soccer Club packed City Council chambers for the meeting as the Commission voted unanimously 7-0, to approve the package.

This is another step on the path for the USL PRO club and they now face just one final hurdle in their quest to become the next MLS expansion team when the Orange County Commission meets on 22nd October. The plan calls for an $85 million, city-owned stadium. The stadium is two blocks west of the Amway Center on Church Street and we now face the mouth watering prospect of regular marches to the game from fans to games from the Church Street area… that will be some sight to see. The team plans on bringing over $110 million to the project while it seeks $20 million in the city-county funding plan.

The plan includes a 25 year use agreement with a $20 million financial penalty if the club leaves in the first 15 years and that steps down $1 million per year in years 16 to 25. The team will gain scheduling rights, will maintain the pitch, be responsible for game day expenses and there will also be a $2 facility fee charged on each ticket sold. The City will then establish a Capital Reserve Fund funded from facility fees.

So it all looks good for Orlando City and their fans… and if they can keep on repeating their championship match attendance of 20,889, a record for any minor league sport in the United States, everyone will be very happy and proud. They might just need a bigger stadium though! Exciting times in O-Town!

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