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Hello everyone,

My name is Kim and I work here at Florida Leisure in the sales department. In my spare time I am a member of a band called Send Out Scuds. We are a ska/power pop band from right here in Kissimmee. If you would like to check us out you can visit our website at to hear all the latest information and shows we are playing.  Recently, my band attended a show at Nova Southeastern University down in Ft. Lauderdale for an event called “Nova Rocks.” This event was to help get the students at NSU more involved in school activites and provide a positive message to those who need encouragment.

The Orlando area has a lot of events relating to music all the time. The House of Blues in Downtown Disney for instance is always hosting concerts featuring well know acts! If you would like something a little more different you can attend the Blue Man Group at Universal which is a very amazing experience in itself!

 Just think! You can do all of this and more when you come to Florida! It is convenient to stay here in Kissimmee in one of our vacation homes! They are close to everything you need in Central Florida!

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