Cumbrian Lakes Vacation Home Updated

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One of the questions we get asked fairly often is “How old is the home?”

I understand why guests ask this question as they want to be sure they aren’t going to be vacationing in some stinky, dirty dump!

I always love answering the question as well because it’s my opportunity to tell people why Florida Leisure Vacation Homes is different. Over the last few years the recession and the economic climate has bitten deep into virtually everyone’s lifestyle and this means that if you were lucky enough to own a second home or a vacation home, you have had to endure some difficult times as the number of renters looking to take a vacation has fallen.

To cope with that and to try and gain more business most owners then discount their price and that then means they have even less money to spend updating or maintaining their home. Further, some owners have had their homes taken back through foreclosure or negotiated a short sale leaving some guests without the property they thought they had rented. It’s certainly been a turbulent time.

But that’s where we are different. Over the last three years we have paid even closer attention to each and every property. Sadly,we have had to let some owners go who have refused to maintain or upgrade their property. Sometimes it’s hard to say goodbye to business but ultimately, you have to stay focused on your goal and our goal is to provide the very best vacation home rentals in the Orlando area.

Being a boutique vacation rental home company means only dealing with the very best homes and the very best owners. We are proud of the homes we manage and the owners we service, as we know we are all working towards the same goal. It’s nice to see people prepared to invest in their homes and to want to give great vacations to other people when they aren’t using their home themselves. That’s why we are very pleased to bring you some photos and video of the latest home to have been updated as below.

The home is located on Cumbrian Lakes, a sub-division that is very much the choice of the discerning guest who wants to experience the best vacation home resort just moments from all the Orlando attractions. The home itself is a 4 bedroom 3.5 bathroom home with a fabulous pool and a great lake side view.

The whole house has been updated with new bedding and new furniture and it looks great! Take a look at the photos and video below and let us know what you think. If you’d like to inquire about renting the home for your next Orlando vacation, just call 1-800-760-1114 or email and ask about home 1204.

To see more photos of this fabulous vacation home visit

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