D23 Weekend at Walt Disney World

This year Walt Disney World Resort is celebrating its milestone 40th anniversary, and the Disney Fan Club D23 is saluting this magnificent occasion with a magical two-day event this weekend that illuminates the rich history and storied legacy of Walt Disney’s “Project Florida” for fans of all backgrounds — from the casual guest to the most ardent armchair experts.

Walt Disney World 40th transports D23 Members on a journey from the moment the first parcels of land in Central Florida were purchased in 1964 through the opening of EPCOT Center in 1982 and I’m pleased to report that I’m attending! The exclusive event features two full days of special entertainment, surprise guest appearances, a remarkable gathering of Walt Disney World “pioneers,” retrospectives, screenings of rare and newly discovered film and TV footage, archival displays and informative presentations that gives D23 Members an unprecedented look at this truly spectacular World.

Main Highlights of Destination D are appearances by such notables as Disney Legends Marty Sklar, Bob Gurr, Jack Lindquist, Charlie Ridgway, Tom Nabbe, Bob Matheison, Orlando Ferrante and Ron Logan, in addition to Debra Browne, the 1971 Walt Disney World Ambassador to the World. There is also a special exhibit from the Walt Disney Archives featuring rare items and artifacts from the creation and evolution of Walt Disney World Resort.

The weekend culminates with an enchanting concert, Magic Journeys: A Flight of Fancy through 40 Years of Walt Disney World Musical Memories, featuring Disney Legend and Academy Award® winner Richard M. Sherman.

There’s lots of photo’s from the weekend on our Facebook page … www.Facebook.com/FloridaLeisure …check it out and make sure you hit the “LIKE” button!

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