Disney announces hefty Annual Pass Price increases at Walt Disney World and Disneyland


Disney has announced that it is raising the price of annual passes at both the Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resorts. It has also said that it will be changing the line-up of available passes at those resorts.

At Walt Disney World, Disney is introducing “Silver,” “Gold,” “Platinum” and “Platinum Plus” passes, replacing the popular Florida Seasonal, Annual, Premium and Premium Plus Annual Passes.

The Silver Pass sells for $414.29. The Gold Pass sells for $584.69 and includes admission to all WDW parks, with several blackout dates. The Platinum Pass sells for $797.69 and is good every day of the year but now adds in Photopass downloads. The Platinum Plus Pass is $882.89 and adds the water parks, ESPN Wide World of Sports admissions and Oak Trail gold course greens fees. Discounts for renewals and for Florida residents remain available.

Previously, Florida Resident Seasonal Annual Passes (closest to the new Silver AP) sold for $350.39 and Annual Passes (roughly the equivalent of the new Platinum Pass) sold for $696.51.

In addition, the cost of parking at the Walt Disney World Resort is now up to $20 per vehicle per day, up from $17.

Over at Disneyland, the company has raised lower-tier annual passes Sunday by as much as $60, highest-tier bi-coastal pass good for visits for Walt Disney World and Disneyland by $300, and eliminated the no-blackout, $779 Premium Annual Passport.

Instead, the park is offering two new top-level passes – the Disney Signature Plus, $1,049 with no blackout days, and the Disney Signature for $849, good for visits for about 350 days, excluding select days during the winter holiday.

Excluded days for the Signature pass are the two weeks around Christmas and New Year, often the theme park’s busiest time of the year. Disneyland has closed its gates at times to control overflowing crowds.

Full Disney pricing is below:


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