Disney Planning Adult Nights?

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We all know where the mind wanders when a project that includes the words “adult” and “night” is planned. Add the word “Disney” to it and the very meaning of those two words together can go for a toss.

Yes, the beans have been spilled: Disney is planning a $520 million, adult theme park called a Night Kingdom where the only ‘hand job’ on the list entails your hand doing the job of feeding a hippopotamus.

If you fancy getting more adventurous, you will be able to go spelunking, get up close and personal with lions and hyenas, or frolic with penguins. Later you can unwind from your Indiana Jones adventures with a gourmet dinner, a musical performance and, if you’re lucky, a foot-rub from the two hosts who will be looking after you the entire time. Ok, so I added the foot-rub option, but like it or not, you will have two people at your beck and call. Only 2000 people will be able to enter at a time, there will be 4000 hospitality staff in the Kingdom, and opening hours will be from 4pm-12am.

Yes, Disney has found an adult market willing to pay $300 per afternoon for all this so full plans are underway; the theme park will open its gates in 2011 in conjunction with Walt Disney’s 40th Anniversary.

Who would have thought that adults would pay a premium to have exclusive “wild” adventures in Disneyland that don’t include strippers or S&M!? Word is that the project will be officially announced next month.

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