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From the “what were you thinking” files.  I think Lilo has fallen overboard in a hard way … one for flaunting her imperfect body (she should’ve done 2 million sit ups, not 250) and two for believing she could compare to Marilyn Monroe.  The only possible common ground is that Lohan is unlikely to see 40 either if she continues on her damaging path.  Perhaps Disney have a special rehab facility for fallen princesses.  Anyway here are the (uncensored) photos have set the blogosphere alight.  proving that the imagination is often better than reality … what a weird week, what is next a Gene Simmons’ sex video ;)?

Take two: Fresh pictures from Lindsay Lohan’s nude Marilyn Monroe tribute

After the frenzy caused by Lindsay Lohan’s topless tribute to Marilyn Monroe, more sensational pictures have surfaced.

The Mean Girls star, 21, stripped off for New York magazine to pay homage to the screen siren.

Sporting a blonde wig, Lohan was covered only by a sheer printed sheet in a bid to recreate Marilyn’s final photoshoot before her death.

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Take two: Lindsay Lohan pays tribute to Marilyn Monroe in out-takes for a photoshoot with New York Magazine

The shoot was done by famed photographer Bert Stern, who also photographed Monroe’s The Last Sitting in 1962 – she was found dead from an apparent drugs overdose just six weeks later.

And 46 years on, Stern and Lohan have recreated the now iconic pictures.

Lohan said she was “comfortable” with the nude shoot, but admitted she had done 250 sit-ups the night before to prepare.

Seeing spots: Lohan adopts a sultry pose as she attempts to recreate Marilyn’s sexy photoshoot

Rave reviews: The 21-year-old Mean Girls star has won critical acclaim for her decision to recreate poses by Sixties icon Monroe

But Lohan’s father has refused to look at the pictures of his topless daughter, expressing fears that the troubled star could be headed for the same fate as Marilyn.

He told America’s Us Weekly: “I’m not going to look at the photos — that’s my daughter!”

“I pray there are no parallels to her and Marilyn Monroe’s destiny.”

Dina Lohan, however, approved of the photoshoot claiming that the shots were done tastefully and supported her daughter’s view that it was the opportunity of a lifetime.

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Inspiration: Monroe’s classic pose for ‘The Last Sitting’ in 1962, which inspired Lindsay

She told People: “I looked at it as art, and as Lindsay doing a character. So I don’t look at them like it’s Playboy; she was being a character. So if you look at it that way, you can look at it as a mother.”

“Lindsay was very excited when she first got the phone call,”

“Of course we talked about how they would be done. Lindsay said, ‘Mommy, I’m never going to get this opportunity to do it again.’ She was very thankful she was asked.”

Lohan is no stranger to battling personal demons – last year, the hard-partying star spent time in rehab after being charged with drinking while under the influence, and later served an 84-minute stint in jail as well as community service.  

Cover star: Lindsay as Marilyn Monroe on the cover of New York magazine

Italian fashion statement: Lindsay attended the Dolce & Gabbana show today as part of Milan Fashion Week

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