Farewell and Thank You Orlando City players…it’s been a privilege.

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Orlando City Soccer vs. Harrisburg City Islanders, USL PRO Play Off, 13 September 2014 (Photographer: Nigel Worrall)

Today, the brutal harsh reality of being a professional soccer club hit home for many fans and supporters of Orlando City Soccer Club.

Since forming in 2011, Orlando City has hardly missed a beat in giving its supporter base a constant diet of outstanding success and jubilation. From the amazing excitement of being announced as the 21st MLS franchise last November, the ecstasy of signing Brazilian superstar Kaka, through to the outstanding achievement of 3 league titles and 2 championships in four years, it has always been a success filled road for Orlando City supporters enjoying one victory after another.

That is, until today. Today is the day where the rubber meets the road, the shit hits the fan, so to speak, as the tough decisions have been made and we are forced to say a fond farewell to so many who contributed in a short time to helping the club reach its lofty goals of membership of Major League Soccer.

It’s a hard day as we learn that some of those who have been with us from the outset must move on as the club takes the next stage forward. It’s brutal. It’s cold and frankly, it doesn’t feel right. But, it has to be done.

At times like this, words never seem enough.

We have been fortunate to cover Orlando City Soccer literally from day one. We have been there for the successes and the few lows. Ultimately, we knew this day would come. A day we dreaded. A day where we had to say “Thank You” and “Good luck in the future.”

So, that moment has arrived.

“Thank you and good luck in the future” to all those players who today are moving on from life as an Orlando City Soccer player. We will miss you but we will always cheer you on wherever you may go next. We will always welcome you back as part of our family.

“Thank you” … Rob Valentino, Miguel Gallardo, Dennis Chin, Anthony Pullis, Corey Hertzog, Brad Rusin, Brian Burke, Carl Woszczynski, Justin Clark, Giuseppe Gentile, Austin da Luz, Aodhan Quinn, Bitielo Jean Jaques and Rafael Diaz. It has been a privilege to watch you play.



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