Fayed’s Claims

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Finally Al Fayed listed his claims … CRACKPOT!!!!!!

Claim: Diana and Dodi were murdered.

Mr Fayed says Diana knew she would be killed in a car crash leaving Prince Charles free to remarry and because she was feared for her landmine campaign and the threat to the monarchy of her marrying a Muslim.

Evidence: Diana’s fears of murder contained in the “‘Mishcon note” prove to be rambling and mostly inaccurate.

She believed Charles wanted to wed royal nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke and Camilla would be killed for the same reason.

She also claimed her car brakes would be tampered and that she expected to die in a helicopter crash.

In August 1997 when Diana died, a new Labour Government was already committed to outlawing landmines.

Diana had already had a serious two-year relationship with Muslim surgeon Hasnat Khan. This did not cause her life to be threatened.

Claim: Prince Philip hated Diana and sent her letters that made her cry.

Evidence: The correspondence at the height of the divorce battles showed how appreciative she was of her Dear Pa, as she called him and his attempts to heal the rift with Charles.

Claim: Diana was pregnant.

Evidence: The chambermaid on the Fayed yacht Jonikal bore witness to Diana’s contraceptive pills.

Just days after the crash even Fayed’s loyal PR Michael Cole officially dismissed pregnancy claims as untrue, a claim he later retracted.

Claim: Diana and Dodi were engaged

Evidence: Nobody supported this claim.

Claim: Dodi had bought Diana an engagement ring

Evidence: Diana told Paul Burrell and Rosa Monckton that any ring from Dodi would go firmly on the third finger of her right hand.

The ring according to friends was taken by Diana to be a “friendship ring”.

Claim: The murder conspiracy cover-up involved among many others Lords Mishcon, Condon, Stevens

Evidence: Condon denied the allegations and said it would have been the betrayal of his life’s work.

Stevens has demanded a retraction from Mr Fayed, and Mishcon is described by fellow lawyers as having done everything in his power to help his royal client.

Claim: Bodyguard Trevor Rees Jones worked for MI6

Evidence: Fayed’s lawyer Michael Mansfield QC admits there is no evidence that Mr Rees, who was injured in the crash, has ever been connected to the intelligence services.

Mr Fayed has refused to apologise for the slur.

Claim: Henri Paul was not drunk

Evidence: His bar bill at the Ritz showed he had two Ricards before he drove Diana and Dodi.

Claim: MI6 had a plot to kill Serbian president Slobodan Milosevic identical to the Diana “murder” plan

Evidence: Renegade spy Richard Tomlinson is the only man to claim such a plot existed. He has since partly retracted his claims.

Claim: Photographer James Adanson drove his Fiat Uno at the Mercedes on the orders of MI6

Evidence: A French police report says Adanson was in Corsica on that day

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