Flash in the Glass Photo Tips

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Our friends at SeaWorld issued some great tips yesterday about taking photos of the new TurtleTrek exhibit. I’ve taken the liberty of copying them here as it’s a good thing to remember for not only Turtle Trek but anytime you are in front of glass or plexiglas at any theme park!
Some guests have a little photo trouble when they are trying to snap pictures at Turtle Trek. The above picture is of a rescued sea turtle named Stitch, but you’ll notice the camera flash reflects in the plexiglas, ruining the photo.

 When you’re trying to shoot through plexiglass, think of the surface like a mirror. If you point the flash straight towards the plexi, the light will reflect straight back towards your camera causing a reflection and ruining the image.

However, an easy way to solve this problem is to take a step or two to the side so you’re shooting through the glass at a slight angle. The light will still be able to pass through the plexiglass, but it keeps the reflection out of view.

Now you can capture a ton of reflection-free photos of all the sea turtles at Turtle Trek.  And we have many other great underwater places to practice your new skills — the manatees at TurtleTrek, dolphins at Dolphin Underwater viewing, rays and sea life at Manta and the jewel of the sea aquarium at Journey to Atlantis. Now let’s see what you got, post your best shots on our Facebook page at www.Facebook.com/FloridaLeisure!

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