Florida Leisure is 3rd on Facebook Top 25 Vacation Rental Pages

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Today’s my birthday and I’ve just been given a very nice present. Someone just sent me the list of the Top 25 Vacation Rental Pages on Facebook… and we are third on the list!

And that’s thanks to all of you that read this blog and follow us on Facebook.com/FloridaLeisure , YouTube.com/FloridaLeisure and Twitter.com/FloridaLeisure.

It’s quite an achievement when you look at some of the companies listed there. Most of the illustrious company we find ourselves among, spend millions of dollars a year on their marketing to attract guests and to feature prominently on the internet. In my opinion, most of them do it badly as they really fail to communicate with their audience and the people who matter most to them… their followers and their customers.

I suppose that’s the one thing we excel at more than most. We certainly aren’t the cheapest vacation home company in Orlando but neither do we want to manage homes that aren’t being kept up to the highest standards by owners scraping by to hold onto their homes. Our guests and our followers seem to appreciate us for what we are, a small family sized business doing their utmost to give everyone a fantastic experience when visiting Orlando.

Sure, we could just focus on what we do…namely, renting vacation homes, but we don’t… we want to know more about our friends, our guests and those that follow us. We want to make sure they have a great time visiting our City and seeing everything there is to do. That’s why I personally write this blog and it’s why I insist on the highest standards possible from everyone involved in our business. You see, it’s really more than a business, it’s a passion, and I think that’s really what comes home when you see us listed in 3rd place of the Top 25 Vacation Rental Pages on Facebook.

Thank you to everyone…you’ve sure made my day ­čÖé



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Here’s the full list of Top 25 Vacation Rental Pages on Facebook – click on it to open as a better image :

PPS. Because it’s my birthday, I’m going to do something special until 5pm tonight… I’m giving everyone a whooping 20% off a reservation in one of our vacation homes if you book today ­čÖé When you call my front desk staff on 1-800 – 760-1114 make sure you quote “Nigel’s Birthday! Or, you can email sales@floridaleisure.com and quote “Nigel’s Birthday!” in the title.

It's Nigel's Birthday and here he celebrates the news that Florida Leisure is placed 3rd on the Top 25 Vacation Rental Pages on Facebook!

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