Florida’s Beaches … under threat?

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Is something sinister going on?

Yesterday I received a couple of requests from journalists asking if I was seeing any cancellations for bookings in our vacation homes because of the oil slick problem. Have to say I found the requests more than odd considering I’m based in Orlando and the chances of any oil penetrating Central Florida, other than through spills from old vehicles, seem next to none.

Is the media now scaremongering? Are they trying to kill businesses with yet another “scare” story that stops people from traveling and taking vacations? I don’t know what to make of it.

Further, having just journeyed back from a very pleasant weekend on the Gulf Coast I can testify that there’s no oil there either. In fact, all I saw was a lot of very happy people enjoying themselves and living life to the full.

Seems to me that despite some of the reports of impending gloom (most dating back to the start of May…and here we are on 25th May) the oil isn’t affecting the wonderful beaches and resort areas on the Gulf Coast of Florida and that folks should continue with their Memorial Day plans as normal.

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