Gene Simmons “homesick”

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I’ve just finished watching “Gene Simmons Family Jewels” Season 3 episode called “HomeSick” where Gene surprises Shannon Tweed with a little piece of Canada to call her own. All is going well, the rose petals are laid, the bottle of wine is opened, the chocolate fondue and strawberries are ready….. and then click…. the front door opens and another family walks in. Disaster.

Being in the vacation home business I can tell you that this is our worst nightmare. Double booking a house. It happens sometimes but fortunately extremely rarely. In this case Gene had purchased the house and knew nothing about the renters that were coming in until they arrived!

The episode is very amusing and non more so than when the renters decide to buy a gift for disturbing Gene and Shannon… nothing less than the same deer head that they had both been disgusted at seeing in a local shop.

Nigel Worrall and Gene SimmonsNigel Worrall and Gene Simmons

Nigel Worrall and Gene Simmons

If you haven’t seen the program yet, do so. It’s addictive. And having met Gene a couple of months back, I’m sort of tempted to wind him up by renting his home next year in the same way he wound Shannon up by telling her he’d already rented the house for the Olympics in 2010! Ever the businessman.

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