Going to Orlando? Take Your Pet

One trend that we are seeing in the Florida Leisure Vacation Home office is for more people to want to bring their pet with them on vacation. It can be very traumatic for some people, not to mention their pets, to have to leave a loved one behind when they go on vacation and that’s why we have tried to make available more vacation rental homes for those that want to travel with their dog or cat.

That said, it’s perfectly fine when you are at your vacation home with your pet but what about them and the feelings they have about being alone in a strange place when you visit the theme parks?

Fortunately, there is now a great new solution; Best Friends Pet Care at Walt Disney World.

This facility has recently opened and is close to Magic Kingdom and the other Walt Disney World resort theme parks. The facility has 17,000 sq. ft of air conditioned indoor space as well as 10,000 sq. ft of covered outdoor runs and play areas. It also has a 25,000 sq. ft dog park making in one huge facility that is capable of looking after approximately 250 pets in one day!

Best Friends Pet Care has several different type of boarding facilities from the traditional indoor / outdoor boarding through to vacation villas and VIP luxury suites that have to be seen to be believed. Cats are taken care of at Kitty City while other pets can be housed at the Pocket Pets area.

Dogs are the main focus of attention though and the facility really does excel in this regard. A la carte Doggies provides playgroups, playtime, cuddletime, bottled water, bedtime stories, ice cream breaks, holiday meals and premium beds all for your dog to enjoy.

VIP Luxury Suites

For the ultimate in pampered boarding then check out the four 226 sq. ft. VIP super luxury suites. The suites provide a large bedroom with tile walls, glass doors, a raised platform bed and a flat screen television which can be programmed for your pet’s entertainment. Each suite also has a private covered outdoor play yard and this all inclusive boarding experience includes complimentary activities such as potty walks, playgroup sessions and a bed time story each day.

Vacation Villas

There are 14 72 sq. ft. Vacation Villas complete with raised platform bed and flat panel TV. There is also a private outdoor relief patio attached to the villa and potty walks, play group sessions and turn down service are also included in this unique experience.

Doggy Daycamp
Best Friends Pet Care has two 1100 sq. ft. camp rooms complete with attached outside rooms. This is a great place for your pet to play while you enjoy your time at the theme parks and you can be sure to come back to a happy, relaxed and contended pet when you are done.

Dog Park
The Dog Park is approximately 25,000 sq. ft in size and is the perfect place for owners to visit their pets during the day. You can relax and play with your dog in an unleashed environment and enjoy watching your pet romp, chase balls or Frisbees and then cooling off in the dogs only water fountain!

Best Friends Pet Care is a great facility for peace of mind while you play. It is conveniently located on Bonnet Creek Parkway and has some great services to offer you, the pet owner. Whether it’s boarding or grooming you want for your pet, then Bonnet Creek is a natural choice to complement your stay in a pet friendly Florida Leisure Vacation Home. Feel free to ask our concierge about the services your pet might enjoy.

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