Halloween Horror Nights – Universal Orlando

Halloween Horror Nights is the premiere Halloween event annually held at the Universal Orlando theme park. Hundreds of thousands of horror fans from all over the globe look forward to this event every year and it is the largest event of its kind on the planet. The event features haunted houses, “scarezones” and live entertainment, many of which utilize Universal’s classic monsters (Wolf Man, Frankenstein), exclusive characters (Jack, The Director), and other licensed properties (Saw, Freddy, Jason).

Initially the event featured just one haunted house but as the event has grown; up to eight haunted houses have been used in conjunction with the ever popular “scarezones” which feature costumed characters, including the World famous Chainsaw Drill Team, and superb themes, costumes and makeup effects to scare people who walk from one area of the park to the next.

Halloween Horror Nights officially launched in Florida in 1991 under the name “Fright Nights.” It was renamed “Halloween Horror Nights” in 1992 and initially began as a three night event but is now a 24 night “horrible” extravaganza that has grown bigger and bigger every year.

The event was held at Universal Studios Florida from 1991 to 2001, but then moved to Universal’s Islands of Adventure in 2002. In 2004, Universal experimented with a dual-park format, which connected and utilized parts of both parks but in 2006, the event made its return to Universal Studios.

The first unofficial icon was Crypt Keeper, from the TV series Tales from the Crypt and since then some of the other icons have been Jack the Clown, The Caretaker, The Director, The Storyteller, Bloody Mary, The Usher and Fear.

2010 marks the 20th installment of the event at the Orlando park, titled “Twenty Years of Fear”, and features the embodiment of Fear itself as the event’s icon.

It’s a lot of fun so why not take yourself along for a day at Universal Studios Florida® theme park this September / October and watch as the park is transformed by day into Halloween Horror Nights at night and see why this is event is always crowned “The Best Haunted Attraction.” There are many ways to enjoy the event, with Frequent Fear Passes for non-peak nights and also VIP Unmasking the Horror tours as well. Our concierge department will be only too happy to help you decide how to enjoy the maximum amount of fear.

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