He’s back … President Obama’s In Town Again!

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Looks like we’re getting another visit from President Barack Obama again today as he is scheduled to attend a private fundraising dinner at the home of former Orlando Magic superstar Vince Carter in Windermere.

“He really enjoys this type of event and he enjoys basketball. His schedule is very tight to be coming back two months, three months later, usually doesn’t happen,” said attorney John Morgan, who is organizing the event.

It seems the Presidential visit is being tied to the NBA All Star game held at the Amway Center this weekend and in some quarters it is believed to be a moment to get more national press coverage as well as a chance to raise some funds for his political campaign as he seeks re-election later this year.

About 40 people, including NBA Hall of Famers, current all-stars and music superstars will be in attendance and tickets will be a mere $30,000 a plate! So with a projected guest list of 40 people, the event will likely raise about $1.2 million.

All-Stars like LeBron James, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, Joe Johnson, and Kevin Durant will not attend the event because they will be playing games Thursday night but it is believed that several of the 2012 All-Stars who are not playing that night have already bought tickets to attend the event as well as a New York music mogul.

Over on the other side of the political spectrum Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney is determined not be outdone by President Obama’s fundraiser as he is also holding a fundraiser at the Daytona International Speedway area on Friday.

Seems we’re now in for a battle of racing fans, normally more conservative voters, versus NBA fans who are usually more democratic! Is nothing sacrosanct anymore?



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